• Near the fire

    I realised this project during the wildfire that burned up in the Alps of Friuli. The fire started due to natural causes - perhaps a lightning strike - and, because of the severe drought, it grew very rapidly in all the area. When the blaze reached the valley, the smoke permeated the atmosphere to such an extent that it was almost impossible to breath. Even if during the afternoon the pressure started to going up, the situation did not improve since a strong wind incresed the spreading of the flames. Considering that this firewild grew to one thousand hectares, it lasted 30 days, and it was possible to contain it only thanks to a massive and unparalled use of fire crews and sofisticated equipments, one can claim that it has been among he biggest blazes in Italy. Now that the fire has been fully temed, it can be wondered about the time necessary to see life appearing again in this place.